Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making sure vehicles are mission ready in Basra

The 2228th MP Company arrived in Basra shortly before I did after finishing their mission in Al Anbar Province. They are setting up shop, customizing Camp Charlie that had been utilized by the British. They will be setting up PTTs with the local Iraqi police-police transition training stations. Their role is to train, mentor and advise the local police force. Each morning at roll call the company meets and everyone is told what their job of the day is. I went with a PSD squad (personal security detail) to check on the company’s vehicles at the motor pool making sure they are mission ready. I learned the names of the vehicles and their capabilities. Many of them have recently been beefed up extra ½ steel plate welded on the skins-above and beyond the ¾ steel plate already there. A huge improvement from the unprotected doorless humvees many in the military traveled around in during the early stages of the war. I will get a chance to leave the wire and ride in an armored security vehicle in the New Year, loaded down with Kevlar and my camera gear.

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