Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flight to Germany in route to Iraq

I woke up somewhere over the Atlantic and climbed out of my sleeping bag. Who knew sleeping on a metal floor could be so comfortable. I didn’t miss the constant interruptions of a stewardess waking me throughout the flight with offers of food and items to buy. The other passengers, military, and family members related to someone in the military, spread out causally on the floor. One family had its’ own air mattress. Some had big ear protectors. My fellow passengers struck me as experienced travelers.

At the airport in Ramstein, Col David Buck worked out logistics for Phin and I for the next day before taking us to the Air Force Inn. We have slowed him down since we have unique paper work.

After a night on the town with members of the Air Guard, I got a little better picture of what we are flying into- but really wont know till I get there. From Ramstein, more flights are going to Afghanistan then ever. The Air guard move supplies and patients back and forth from both countries. Later today we fly onward to Iraq where we will be credentialed. I will get to take pictures in the cockpit of a C-17 on the way.


  1. Ann Dermansky5:08 PM

    Just great to get word from you enroute! Hard to believe that huge space littered with people is an airplane.

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