Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas in Basra

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Camp Basra - After my holiday shot I made it to a Christmas Mass on the British Part of Camp Basra. Guns were not left at the door. At a mass a week before sirens went off and everyone hit the ground. Christmas Eve proved to be quite as most days are here in Basra I have been told. The Brits are passing the reigns to the Americans more and more. By the summer the camp will be predominately American.
Christmas on the camp-my first full day being in one place. I went for coffee with a group from my company and they exchanged guns with the Brits. Christmas lunch was festive occasion-many wore party hats, some with antlers. After lunch, there was a football match between my company and another. Best of all was going on a mail run-filling half a van with A Christmas mail and photographing the joy of people

Tomorrow I’ll start shooting the Guard, doing what they do. Signing off before the on and off Internet connection in the mess hall cuts me off.


  1. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. your family Happy Holidays and a great and prosperous new


  2. I had a friend that is in the army he said that some times they feel alone being far away from home. I couldn't have a Christmas time without my family I admire people who do that.