Friday, June 29, 2012

Perfect for Summer Reading - Larry Flynt's New Book

Larry Flynt was in New Orleans on June 21st promoting his new book, "One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents, First Ladies and Their Lovers Changed the Course of American History," co-written by historian David Eisenbach. He held court at the Hustler gift shop on Bourbon Street, signing books, magazines and body parts.

 Chris Rose, New Orleans author of “One Dead in the Attic,” interviewed him for Fox 8." Like me, Rose is a fan of Flynt's work as a free speech activist. But I didn’t follow the conversation; I was more intent on capturing the moment. The men spoke in front of a wall of bras, Flynt seated in his signature gold wheel chair, as close to a hundred fans lined up to meet him. For the book signing, he moved to a table with a backdrop picturing Hustler pole dancers. Next to him sat two women clad in Hustler t-shirts that exposed plenty of cleavage. Flynt enjoyed the antics of his fans: One woman had him sign her ass and a man had Flynt sign his chest. Reverend Jonathan Falwell brought the biggest smile to his face when he introduced himself and gave Flynt a rainbow Bible. Falwell's father, the late Jerry Falwell, sued Flynt in the landmark case that ended up in the Supreme Court, Flynt victorious as the Court ruled in favor of free speech.

 I bought a copy of Flynt's book and had him sign it. The book's premise--sex scandals are used as a smoke screen to take our attention off more important issues--is spot on. His book puts these scandals in historical context, a great way to refresh one's knowledge of American history.

Larry Flynt with Chris Rose

Reverend Jonathan Falwell gives Flynt Bible

Flynt with his wife, daughter and associates 

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