Thursday, August 28, 2008

Early Morning on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans is on edge, as am I- waiting to see if Gustav will hit or not.
When I wake I will attend the Mayor’s ceremony Commemorating Katrina’s third anniversary.

Gustav’s path will be a little clearer when I rise, but where the storm will hit will still remain an uncertainty. The last days I have been riding along with the National Guard in New Orleans East, driving through areas of urban blight.

Earlier in the day I shot pictures of the new homes being built for Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right Project”. The promise that one would be ready to have someone move in by Katrina’s anniversary has not been kept, though a few of the homes are close to completion. All celebrations for that project including the opening of a playground have been put on hold since all attention is on Gustav and a possible mass evacuation.
Tonight is quiet. Today was picturesque. Hard to imagine a hurricane hitting, yet impossible to ignore the fact that New Orleans is right in the storm’s predicted path. I will be here rain or shine so check back for an update either way.
I created a book on the National Guard patrolling the streets of New Orleans that is now available from blurb. Also available is a book with photos of Post Katrina New Orleans with a poem by Ann McGarrell . It is possible to preview the first 15 pages of the books.

images from top to bottom -clown head in 6th flags in New Orleans East/ home near in lower 9th ward shot on August 28/ wheel chair outside of destroyed nursing home in New Orleans East/ Classroom in New Orleans East school/ Foundation of a home in the lower 9th ward across form "Make It Right Homes"/Kitchen in housing unit still standing in New Orleans East/ Nursing Home in New Orleans East/ Nursing Home hallway/ National Guard Clearing movie theater in New Orleans East/Moose head in Destroyed store left standing in New Orleans East/ One of Brad Pitt's "Make It Right" Homes nearly finished/ Park for "Make it Right" homes- opening delayed due to hurricane Gustav/ Black mold in housing unit / in New Orleans East/ Restaurant in New the lower 9th ward / Nature center path in New Orleans East/ Photos on the wall in nursing home in New Orleans East



  1. Stay safe. I'm thinking about you!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Just checking in to see how you're doing. Hope you're okay. Are you still in NLO? New info website about BV called Bottle Village Stuff at:
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