Saturday, April 19, 2008

late night post from Yerevan Armenia

I arrived safe and sound in Yerevan on the 16th. Finding a fast internet connection was a challenge but I have found the right spot and it is 3 blocks from where I'm staying. Shot the female cop image- a detail from an advertisement for a nightclub, and the image with man and woman in the glasses in Yerevan my first day wondering around. The Mermaid is from the shores of lake Servan. Now Armenia is represented in my sign painting series. Like elsewhere in the world when I stopped to take shots of the signs people looked at me suspiciously wondering what I was up to. I think people don't notice signs they walk by on a daily basis, or the ones they drive by quickly. They stop me in my tracks, but I guess I am hunting for new ones all the time.  Yerevan is a gritty yet elegant city. Tomorrow I will check out a fleamarket and make my way to the genocide museum.  Now i'll head back and get some sleep happy to know I can upload a lengthier entry soon. The contrast between old and new is extreme here. I will post more images soon.


  1. not too bad for the fisrt day in Yerevan..
    i was looking for some news about the recent clashes, elections, protests and all that... and google gave me your page with ... your pictures...
    Here some pics.. you may visit these places.."
    visit Kobair, Haghbat and Sanahin..
    and if its possible Dadivanq.. Gandzasar in Karabaxh..
    have a good trip

  2. Nice to hear you started your work in Armenia--as expected your point of view was not what we typically see from other visitors. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your images especially in the context of your other projects.

  3. Anonymous1:07 AM

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