Thursday, April 10, 2008

First blog entry from Edgecombe Ave.

From my friend's apartment on Edgecombe Ave in Harlem, I begin a blog. A place where I will write my travel/shooting adventrues and daily revelations  (when I have ones worth sharing).  

I am getting ready for a trip to Armenia where I will shoot at the Tsiternakaberd Memorial (genoicde memorial) on April 24th, Armenia's Rememberance Day. Jason Sohigian recently interviewed me about my upcomming trip for the Armenina Weekly in Boston and Hetq. online magazine from Yeravan.While in Armenia I plan to shot for some humanitarian organizations as well, including the one Jason works for, the Armenian Tree Project,  an organization that is reforesting parts of Armenia.

 Yesterday I rode my bike down and then cross town on 34th St. to meet the director of the Fund for Armenian Relief to talk about what I could shoot for them. At a traffic light I to took a cell phone shot of the Empire State Building. The city all new to me from the vantage point of my bike seat, my preferred method of transportion since returning to NYC in September last year. Later I ended up at the Strand bookstore where I found "The Last Survivor" on the history book table. It is the first book cover my photography graces. The book is about a man claiming to be a suvivor of Dachau, who hangs out there giving unofficial tours, who most likely is not a survivor at all, just a crazy person obsessed with history. My assignment was to capture the essence of the town of Dachau. At the same time I shot the museum and grounds of the former concentration camp for my project on Dark Tourism sites around the world.  Of all the books on all the many tables at the Strand, to find one of my images right before me was kind of special. Hence, I took another cell phone shot, with my sneakers included in the foreground.  


  1. A wonderful start for your new blog site. You will have a lot of good stories when you get back from your latest adventure.

  2. Wow, great site! Sending you greetings over the continent and wish you a great trip to Armenia.

  3. Hey Julie- Have a great shoot in Armenia! I enjoy the pictures you have sent, especially the Pitt shot! Bottle Village keeps going along— ManiaTV is coming out next week!

  4. hi Julie: Finally I can keep updated on your whereabouts, good luck on everything and travel safe! Keep sending your photos.

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