Thursday, November 03, 2011

Photographing Occupy Wall Street for 5 Weeks in NYC

Snow covers Tents and Sculpture in Zuccotti Park in October

Charlie Gaeta and Jess Wood in Fox New reporter costumes

Rob Masson asks me about OWS

In the five weeks I covered Occupy Wall Street, I watched the movement grow and spread around the world. Last week in NYC, protesters took to the streets after ex-Marine Scott Olsen was injured by the Oakland police when they broke up Occupy Oakland's encampment. Violence against protesters further strengthened the activists' resolve. Those in Zuccotti Park braved an October snowstorm and two days later joined in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade.
The movement continues to evolve. In the 47 days since the protest began, OWS has changed the national dialog from the deficit to economic inequality. People are switching to credit unions and investigating banking options in record numbers.
Check out my recently updated set on Occupy Wall Street my flickr 
A video of Marine,  Sgt. Thomas explaining why he thinks participating in OWS is important
and A video of the Drunken Wife, playing in the Halloween Parade while marching in the OWS contingent.
Protest sign on the bottom of  pizza Box in Zuccotti Park
OWS protesters in NYPD costumes at the NYC Halloween Parade

OWS protester as dressed as a foreclosed home

OWS protester dresses as Jesus in the NYC Halloween Parade

Peter Rostusky with Pipe-cleaner 99% glasses in the Halloween Parade

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