Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Gets Personal

The October 11 Millionaires March which began at Central Park stopped at the homes of J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, oil tycoon David Koch, financier Howard Milstein, hedge fund maven John Paulson, and CEO News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. A symbolic check for $5 billion was left at each home, the size of the impending state tax cut for New Yorkers making $250,000 and more. The march was organized by the Working Families Party, New York Communities for Change, Strong Economy for All, United NY, and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It went off without incident. The police were very polite. Some of the doormen showed solidarity with the marchers, but the reaction in the neighborhood was mixed. While many residents stepped aside and took photographs, others seemed bewildered.

The March was so popular that organizers have called for another one on October 12 to Chase Bank's New York office to question why New York State is giving Chase a new tax cut next year. As the marchers made their way back to Zuccotti Park, the police moved into the crowd and made four arrests.

Protest in front of Chase Plaza
This Saturday, October 15, a third action targeting Chase is planned. The Occupy Wall Street website calls the event "Chase's Money Is Ours! Chase Bank uses our money to make profits, but we don't have to let them! Come support Chase customers CLOSING THEIR ACCOUNTS," OWS states.

Events now are being coordinated on a global level via social media. The Occupy Wall Street movement is becoming an international presence.

Many will be watching tomorrow early AM when the police will try to move the people out of the park to clean up. The protestors have called for reinforcements and have no intention of facing what they call an eviction. To see more images check out my set on flickr
Policeman in the crowd at John Paulson's home

Protesters Gather in Central Park

 Protestors in front of Rupert Murdoch Residence

Holly Van Voast, a topless activist  marches on the Millionaire March
Protestors in march passed the Guggenheim Museum
Participant in the  Occupy Wall Street movement arrested 

Participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement arrested 

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