Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Return Trip to Site Where Oil Coming From Unknown Source Was Found Off Grand Isle

 Emulsified oil 1/2 mile due south of Grande Isle on March 21st 
On March 21, I returned to Elmer's Island and Grand Isle, where the day before I photographed oil and oil sheen washing into Caminada Bay . The Coast Guard confirmed that there was oil on the water on March 21, but still hasn't identified the source. By Monday only a small amount of sheen and foam could be found. Some of the oil had already been cleaned off the beach, some was skimmed, but a lot of what I saw yesterday had already made its way into Caminada Bay, a rich estuary. About half a mile due south of Grand Isle, we encountered  a plume of emulsified oil. Plumes were reported by Jefferson Parish officials during flyovers the day before. Also off shore, we spotted a young dead dolphin, adding to the high number already reported this year by New Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

This new oil spill raises many questions: What is the source of the oil and is it still leaking? How much of it is there? Could it be connected to the BP disaster? Is it a good idea to restart deepwater drilling? Are the regulators regulating? Why are the polluters often not fined the maximum allowed and why do regulators let some code breakers get away without any penalty? And what is causing an unusually high number of young dolphins to die?  The answers are still up in the air, but the Coast Guard, NOAA and private citizens are all busy trying to get the facts.

Dead young dolphin found floating in the Gulf, cause of death undeterminedadding to the abnormally high dolphin mortality  rate this year. 
Emulsified oil 1/2 mile due south of Grande Isle on March 21st
Boom put out on March 21st across the cut leading into Caminada Bay, an rich estuary. Oil washed through the cut on March 20th. See video clip of oil getting in 

Emulsified oil 1/2 mile due south of Grande Isle on March 21st 

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  1. I am saddened by your dolphin picture. I have experience swimming in the wild with Bottlenose and spotted dolphin. This breaks my heart. I want the government to take tissue samples and investigate the causes of their deaths. I have heard they are stalling and that liability is still an ugly issue that is preventing the work of discovery from happening. If the dolphins are dying it is a sign to us that we must mind the store. We could also die. We are animals. We need oxygen to live. The oceans provide us with 80-90% of the oxygen we need to live on planet Earth. The more we pollute it, don't regulate oil drilling, pay attention to safeguards and get honest we will become extinct as a species. I want to shake all of the officials and scream "Get a move on!"