Friday, February 05, 2010

Hospital on the Grounds of the Airport in Port-au-Prince

A quarter mile from the APOD, the home of the 377th TSC and the 3 ESC, is a makeshift hospital set up on the grounds of the Port-au-Prince airport by the University of Miami in partnership with the United Nations Global Institute/Project Medishare. I joined up with a couple of soldiers who make nightly visits to visit the kids there. The facility is in big open tents. The operating rooms are separated from the recovery area by sheets. The laughter of the children mixes with intermittent screaming and praying. The doctors say what they need most is more nurses. Those who are here seem exhausted. The staff rotates in and out from the United States. Despite their grave injuries, the patients are dignified and proud. They tell me their stories through translators. There is Herby Mural, who was found two days after the quake under a five story building; triplets Caroline, Carlens and Carly Criot-des -Bouqets, who are dehydrated, and Pierre Pablo Picasso, who was rescued by an Israeli search and rescue team the day after the quake. He jokes with the soldiers and tries to get a chance to hold one of their guns. Twelve hours before the earthquake, Marilyn (last name unknown) was left at an orphanage by a parent who could no longer take care of her. At three years old, she weighs 14 pounds and suffers from malnutrition, fever and diarrhea. Michael and Andrea Brewer, founders of Reach Haiti Ministries, whose Haitian home and orphanage were badly damaged, got Jessica medical care here and then a flight out of Haiti, donated by Vanderbuilt Hospital. At first their request to get Jessica out of Haiti was denied though they had the plane lined up. They were told by doctors others were in much worse condition, a measure of just how bad things are here.

If you want more info on Haiti Ministries the website is and Medishare University of Miami hospitals site is Both have earthquake relief funds.


  1. I am so glad the people of Haiti have your unique vision to document this tragedy in an already tragic nation. The second image to me is the strongest, as the spirit and fortitude in this kid's eyes burn into my soul.

    Poor Jessica, she was a symptom of Haiti's pre-quake plight and now also a victim twice over.

    Great blog entry, concise and powerful.

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