Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Intrepid Museum reopens

Bush will visit the Intrepid making a grand entry landing on the flight deck of the Intrepid, and then saying some words on Veterans Day.

Saturday I went to the opening of the Intrepid Museum where thousands turned out despite the rain. A retired battleship that has been renovated into a museum with interactive displays. There are hands on displays where you can play with some of the military’s devices, beds you can try out and a mash helicopter you can sit in. The Museum opening had a festive mood. There was a tug of war between the NYC firemen and a group of servicemen. The Firemen won twice in what became a best of three matches after the firemen easily one the first round. The only somber reminder of the cost of war in the museum is a display of the names of those killed when kamikazes attacked the ship. Three Hundred lives were lost.

New York has one of its’ tourist destinations back. A place one can get a history lesson and some macho adrenalin from the military hardware at the same time.


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