Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street crashes as bailout plan is voted down

Today at noon there was a rally near the stock exchange. Jesse Jackson spoke to a crowd of 500. He called for “More Roosevelt and Obama not Bush and McCain.” While the rally was going on, the market was crashing in what turned out to be the biggest drop of points in a single day. I got into the Stock Exchange and shot from the visitors’ observation deck before the final bell range. The mood didn’t seem particularity down, I think the brokers are getting used to things crashing.Outside I took pictures of the brokers as they left the building. The press treated the brokers the way paparazzi treat Paris Hilton. The brokers for the most part weren’t amused and some acted like perps I photographed when stopped by the National Guard. Anyone who was willing to speak was surrounded by cameras. TV crews anxious for information. Most expressed their surprise and disappointment that the house didn’t pass the bailout plan. What it means I’m not sure but after reading Naomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism, I’m glad the warning Bush put out that bailout has to happen fast isn’t being heeded. I want the politicians voting to take time to understand what it is they are voting for or against before they act.

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